Owen's Sundays

Owen now has his own blog http://owenssundays.blogspot.com/

Someone mentioned that they had a friend who had taken a photo of their baby every week for the first year of his life. I thought this was a great idea so have shamelessly stolen it.

7 weeks
Owen with Xandir who is only a week younger!
This week Owen has started smiling and is finding his voice cooing and burbling

6 weeks

5 weeks

4 weeks
Owen is able to support his head quite well now but it still flops over when he gets tired

3 weeks
Owen always falls asleep when we try to burp him

2 weeks
Owen with his New Zealand Grandma

1 week
Owen's first outing

Owen's birth day
Where we didn't have a photo for the exact day I have used photos from a day or two either side, hopefully this won't be a regular occurance!