7 April 2010

White Horse - The List

I have a list. This list is the list of all the things that I want to do while I am living in the UK.

The reason that I have a such a list is a) I'm just that kinda gal, and b) when I was at university I worked with an Irish girl who had only been in New Zealand for a year or so and had seen more of it than I had seen in my 20-odd years of living there. She was able to tell me to go here or there and could rave about all the amazing things she had seen to me, and I hadn't seen hardly any of them myself. It was after this that I vowed to be a perpetual tourist, no matter where I was, not matter how long I had been there. So: I have a list.

Over Easter I went to see the White Horse at Uffington. The White Horse was created by cutting away the turf to reveal the white, chalky soil underneath and dates back about 3,000 years.

Just below the White Horse is Dragon Hill where legend has it St. George slew the dragon. The bare patch of chalk where no grass will grow is supposedly where the dragon's blood spilled.

This is a photo of it from the air which I have had to 'borrow' from another website as you cannot see it from the ground.

Here are some of my photos...

Some chalk

From here the horse kind of looks like an angry bird

A lonely tree

Dragon Hill is the square hill in the background

The Ordnance Survey marker on the top of the hill

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