19 May 2010

Stays Down Low

Right around the time we got our cat Ian had given me to read a book called House of Tribes about the adventures of tribes of mice living in a country house. One of the tribes in the house had a custom of naming its members the opposite of what they are like, so Falling Off Things has very good balance and Tread Lightly is very noisy. When we were trying to think of a name for the cat we seriously considered naming him Stays Down Low because right from when he was young he has really liked being up high.

He loved climbing up our clothes airer...

And he even used to sleep up there in an improvised hammock until he got too big.
But he has never grown out of climbing it.
Although sometimes he is more successful than others....

Ha, conquered!

But anywhere high up is good, here he is chilling out on top of the kitchen cupboards:

And in the bathroom on the towel rack:

Patrolling the window ledge:

And, the highest point in the house, on top of the topbox on the wardrobe:

Yup, I think Stays Down Low would have been a very apt name for the little bugger!

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