24 June 2011


So, I have an idea.

I was surfing the net looking for pictures of cakes to send to a friend for whom I am baking a birthday cake and came across this site http://www.thebakeproject.com/

This is amazing!! The blogger is aiming to bake every recipe in a cookbook called 'Bake' which contains 549 recipes. This is an idea I can totally get behind. I often end up making the same few recipes over and over and a project like this would definitely stop that happening!

I am going to have to think seriously about this.. what cookbook to choose? Should I do one I already have or get one especially?

Actually, I am looking forward to the publication of a charity recipe book at my work which will be the result of the Masterbaker competition which is running company wide. Each entrant gets one chance to bake something which is rated by the other bakers in their heat for a chance to go through to the finals (for my entry see my previous post She's playing with the big kids now). I don't know how many entrants there are but there must be over 100 and surely everyone will be putting forward their best recipe. Methinks this will be a cookbook of win! Every cake I have tried so far has been seriously yummy. Yes, folks I think we might have a winner.

The only thing that is lacking is that so far my photography of my baking projects has been somewhat lackluster but the lighting in our place now is much better than in our old place so hopefully there will be many more photos of my baking triumphs (or possibly fails) in future.

More to follow soon folks

(FYI, when I say soon.... I'd really take that with a pinch of salt...)

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